HyCoSy to help you get pregnant.

HyCoSy to help you get pregnant.

HyCoSy – Don’t let the name put you off! I have selected this test to look at because it has a complex sounding name. When you are trying for a baby it can be overwhelming to read all the different tests and procedures and the use of acronyms and medical terminology is not helpful. All you want to do is have someone explain what the best way might be forward. So, I thought I would address that here starting with Hysteroslapingo Contrast Sonography 

We have introduced this new specialist scan because it can be carried out in our office with no need for invasive procedures, however it does have a typically complex name – HyCoSy test (Hysteroslapingo Contrast Sonography) 

I wanted to explain that even though it sounds very complicated, it is a much easier test to have and it can tell us lots of the information we need to help you decide what to do next. We use this scan with a foam dye to look inside the womb and fallopian tubes, making sure that eggs can travel safely and get to the right place. It sometimes shows things like polyps or fibroids and they can give us clues if patients have had miscarriages in the past. These details are missed in routine ultrasound scan.

I like it because it gives us so much information, before this was available, it was necessary to put patients through much more invasive procedures, often requiring an anaesthetic, such as laparoscopy and dye tests. It is particularly valuable right now as we are facing restrictions from the Covid-19 crisis it is preferable not to spend time as an inpatient in hospital. Yet, if you are struggling with getting pregnant waiting is stressful and this might be a step in the right direction.

It can also be useful for couples struggling to fall pregnant after a successful first pregnancy as it helps in to flush and clear the tubes.

What to do

The first step is often one that looks easy, but we know it’s often the hardest, that is call and talk to someone to see if this is the right thing for you to do. We try and get as much information as we can and then seek to advise you of the right pathway for you. You will then be advised to come in and have a consultation. Many patients tell us they felt so much better after just being able to talk to someone and have things explained in simpler easy to understand terms. 

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