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Sperm analysis to check mobility and number


Sperm or Semen Analysis is a fertility test for men. Often referred to as a sperm count test, the latest test provides much more information. We run to test for several markers of sperm health. This includes the size, shape and number of sperm.

Are you part of a couple having trouble conceiving? It can be very useful for the man to have a sperm test to better understand why this is happening. You can then move forward with more information on your fertility journey.

Why we do sperm analysis

Where there is infertility, it is important to test both partners. It’s estimated that one-third of infertility cases relate to the male partner. Tests can determine whether there is a low sperm count or a dysfunction causing the issue.

Sperm analysis looks in detail at the sperm count. Motility and shape of your sperm. It’s carried out by our team of highly qualified embryologists. They will take your sample and look at it under a microscope to record this information. You’ll then get a copy of your results to look over yourself.


Trying for a baby and are struggling to get pregnant? It’s important that even if a problem has been identified in the female partner, that both of you get tested. This gives a clear picture of your overall health as a pair.

It’s important to remember that the majority of issues can be overcome. Simple lifestyle changes and/or treatment. We are here to help guide you and offer any treatment you may need.

You may have a sperm analysis on its own or as part of a couple’s fertility test.

Types of Sperm Analysis

We run two types of test. The first is a Routine Test, used for testing, size, shape, count and mobility.

The second is an Enhanced Semen Analysis for Oxidative testing. High levels of oxidative stress have been linked to poor sperm function. Plus, abnormal semen analysis results, failed IVF outcomes and recurrent miscarriages. The ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology) recommends that male partners of women with recurrent pregnancy loss should for oxidative stress levels in sperm.

Our Sperm Analysis has no waiting list and provides quick, accurate results.

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Our Sperm Analysis has no waiting list and provides quick, accurate results.
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